How to save the most on buying your home.

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Dear home buyer,

Buying a home is an exciting time in your life! However, the process as it stands can be a large undertaking both in spending time making decisions and investing hard-earned money.

We continue to believe homeownership is a great way to create your own living experience, escape the rental cycle, and in many cases create wealth over the long term.

As a company, we recognize the efforts and time invested by the home buyer in the home buying process. Given this, we thought it was important to highlight and create transparency on how we reward the modern home buyer for these efforts.

An overview of the commission setting:

When a home is listed on the market with an asking price of $625,000, the seller has already built in a pre-negotiated on average 4–6% of agent commissions into the price. The seller and seller agent negotiate this. The seller agent then decides how much to compensate a buyer’s agent, typically half of the negotiated commission, to introduce and assist an interested and willing buyer to ultimately buy the home. During the process, with a hopeful meeting of the minds between seller and buyer, a seller’s agent works in the best interest of the seller and a buyer’s agent that of the buyer’s best interest.

In the above example, below are the anticipated commission payouts at closing before agent office expenses assuming seller agent lists a split commission with the buyer agent:

Asking Price: $625,000

Accepted Offer Price: $600,000

Seller’s Agent Office: at 2.5% of the purchase price, $15,000

Buyer’s Agent Office: at 2.5% of the purchase price, $15,000

Agents can have a difficult job to do as they manage the expectations of their clients, which can often change, but it’s noteworthy that the above commission expense is the largest in the home buying transaction. Yes, we said, “home buying.”

Demystifying who pays the commission:

It may be explained that from an accounting perspective the seller pays the above commissions and that you, the home buyer pay $0 to your buyer’s agent for their services. However, the home buyer is paying the full $600,000 above (right?) in which all agent commissions are extracted. Thus in retrospect, it can very well be deemed that the buyer is paying both the buyer and seller agent for their services.

Let that digest!

Recognizing where value is earned:

We believe the home buying process is outdated, we are recognizing the search efforts that you provide and as a partner in the home buying process, so we reward you half of our buyer’s agent office compensation. In the above example, at the home’s closing, you would receive 50% of $15,000, which is $7,500. That’s a good chunk of change that you can reinvest in your new home or keep for a rainy day!

> Calculate Your Refund

Our mission to you is to make home buying more affordable, simple, and transparent.

Yours truly,

The Nuhom Team

Making home buying more affordable, simple, and transparent. Buy your home online and save 50% of the buyer agent commission with us.

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